Wire not for you? No Problem!
Our Basics selection is accompanied by the choice of wireless.
Our wireless options are available in all types and all sizes!
Don’t let your wire compromise your lift.
Stop in today or call a store near you to discuss your options!


Awareness by Wacoal
Cup Size: B-DDD
Band Size: 34-44
Colors: Nude/Black

How Perfect Wire Free by Wacoal
Cup Size: B-DDD
Band Size: 30-40
Colors: Nude/Pecan/Black

How Perfect Full Figure by Wacoal
Cup Size: C-G
Band Size: 34-44
Colors: Nude/Black

Cate by Elomi Cup Size: C-G  Band Size: 36-48 Colors: White/Latte/Pecan/Black


Jana by Anita (wireless)
Cup Size: B-I
Band Size: 34-52
Colors: white/Skin/Black


Tonya by Anita (wireless)
Cup Size: AA-E
Band Size: 32-42
Colors: Skin/Black


Twim Seamless by Anita (wireless)
Cup Size: A-F
Band Size: 32-48
Colors: White/Skin/Black


Floral by Aviana (wireless)
Cup Size: E-K
Band Size: 32-56
Colors: Candlelight/Black


Jacquard by Elila (wireless)
Cup Size:DDD-N
Band Size: 36-50
Colors: Nude/Mocha/Black


Smooth Spacer by Elila (wireless)
Cup Size: 36-48
Band Size: D-K Colors: Nude/Black


Safina by Anita (wireless)
Cup Size: B-G
Band Size: 34-44
Colors: White/Skin/Black