Pick Your Purse with WMEE 97.3

We’re kicking off Pick Your Purse tonight with wine, food, friends, and of course amazing pursing from WMEE!

Pick Your Purse is a 9 week promotion that kicks off March 23rd at Barbara’s New Beginnings! WMEE has a game board at http://www.wmee.com where they display all of the high end purses for everyone to view. When listeners hear the cue to call, the 9th caller gets to play on the game board that we have online(it is a match game so it helps people pay attention during the promotion) if they get the match correct, they get to pick their purse (as long as it is still available) –
set up a wine tasting table, get the photo booth set up (I will help you find the vendor) and then we have the food set up as well. Our first 25 guests receive goodie bags & register for their purse. At the end of the event, we pick one lucky winner and they get to pick one of the purses from all of them set up.