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If you have been in before, you know that if you love your bra- you want it in every color!
Reserve your size with new merchandise!

Please fill out the forms below with style name and size to reserve. We will call you first and place your items on a 24 hour hold. If you are unsure of your size, but have bought with us before, call a location near you to speak with a fitter.

Arriving in November 2017:

Caresse 3D Molded by Simone and Perele
Available Sizes:
C-32-40 D-30-40, E-30-36, F-32-36, G-32-34

Keira by Goddess (Under Wire)
Arriving in: 36-44H, 34-44 I, J,34-42K-N   Available at both locations!        

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